Year 2000: 1st Davis for Spain

Although the Spanish team stretched very late (the Davis had a century of life when it won it for the first time), only five national teams have raised the Cup in more times than she.

In the photo, Costa, Corretja, Balcells and Ferrero win the first Davis Cup for Spain at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. It was the year 2000. Then came the car auctions of 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011. (See Davis Cup winners )


In 1968, the Open Age of tennis was born, which opened to professional players the doors of all types of tournaments, with the exception of the recalcitrant Olympics that did not lift their veto until 1988. This professional tennis boom gives rise to the birth in 1972 of the Association of Tennis Professionals, organization of men’s tennis that a year later will have its female rhetoric in the WTA. Among the competitions of the ATP are the creation of an official ranking (called ranking of entries) and the organization since 1990 of a male world circuit, circuit that in 2009 undergoes a remodeling happening to be called ATP World Tour.

The Masters Cup

In 1970, the ITF had inaugurated an end of season championship called The Masters . His first winner is the American Stan Smith, who wins the final to the Australian Rod Laver. In 1990, the ATP modified the rules of the tournament and called it ATP Tour World Championship . In the ninth edition of this modality two Spaniards, Álex Corretja and Carles Moyà, reach the final, with victory of Álex. Meanwhile , the ITF has created a new side event, called the Grand Slam Cup , for the 16 tennis players who have performed better in the year’s Grand Slam tournaments. As the players selected to play in both championships are virtually the same, in 1999 the two tournaments are merged into one, restricted to the top 8 ranked players in the world ranking, with the caveat that any player who wins a Grand Slam that year One of the places is assured no matter what their classification. The new version is called Tennis Masters Cup and is based in Shanghai. In 2009, the venue moves to London and the tournament is renamed ATP World Tour Finals . From there, the organizers will take another ten years to find a new name.

I would not like to end this historical sketch without making a linguistic observation. In the paragraph of Zabaleta we could appreciate the Castilian roots of the terms serve, rest and ball in front of the imported service, return and ball . That’s fine, that everyone uses the ones they like best. However, not all foreign terms find their equivalent in our language. Some of those words from others you will know on the march. Others can be consulted in our English Glossary .

Randon golden retriever math facts

For the first post of this website, I thought I’d kick it off with some random math facts that you might be interested in if you’re curious enough to look up math while you’re not forced to in school. Here we go!

  1. If you are in a group of 23 people, there is a probability greater than 50% that two people will have the exact same birthday!
  2. There is a such thing as a one sided surface. It’s called a mobius strip.
  3. Straight lines have a dimension of 1.
  4. A compass can accomplish everything that a ruler can do in conjunction with a compass. In other words, a best military watch according to is no more powerful if you are given a ruler in addition to it.
  5. 12 + 3 – 4 + 5 + 67 + 8 + 9 = 100. Say every individual digit out loud until you get it.
  6. The circle is the shape with the largest area when compared to its perimeter. That means it has a larger area than rectangles, squares, etc.
  7. Although many students complain “why do we need to learn about this? We’ll never use math in real life!”, it’s not true. Math is a very intricate part of the job of engineers, among other well-paid occupations.
  8. A pizza with radius z and height a has a volume of Pi * z *z * a. Yummy.
  9. Remember that birthday statistic from earlier? There’s actually a 99% probability of two people sharing the same birthday if there are 75 people in the same room. Try it out with your friends.
  10. Every number can be represented by Roman numerals except for 0.
  11. Most people think of even numbers as females and odd numbers as males.
  12. Shuffling a deck of cards the right way should yield an order that has never been seen before by any person in the world. Make sure you practice your card shuffling so you don’t let down the entire universe!
  13. Is 0 an even or odd number? You’ve probably been taught that it’s neither, but mathematicians are starting to claim that it is in fact an even number.
  14. Googolplex is a number defined as 1 and a googol zeroes. Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeroes. So to summarize, googolplex is impossible to physically visualize because it takes too much space on paper, making it literally impossible to write down.
  15. Most people’s favorite number is 7. Be a leader and not a follower!
  16. In Asia, the number four is noted as an unusually unlucky number.
  17. 1 is mathetically equal to .9999.
  18. Remember learning about factorials in math class? How long is 10! seconds?
  19. Math puzzle time! Take a four digit number, pick any one you want as long as it’s made up of at least two different digits. Arrange the digits in descending order. Now arrange it in ascending order. Take the smaller numbers and subtract them from the bigger numbers. You will always end up with the number 6174, which is known as Kaprekar’s constant. This is because no matter what, you’ll always end up with this unique number, every single time.

Answer to #19: 10! seconds is exactly six weeks.

Dog Overview

The golden retriever is from United Kingdom, more specifically Scotland . Born around 1850 with the search for a hunting dog that was able to not hurt the dam. For this reason we see him hunting and tracking skills. Also it is known as golden retriever.

Because of its versatility and intelligence is one of the breeds most popular worldwide . Currently, besides being an excellent dog pet dog you have skills as support for people with physical disabilities, for hunting, as a police dog or firefighter and even as a rescue dog.


Like any dog, golden retriever should be socialized with people and pets early age. They do not require a complex education such as other races that require a more experienced leader. The golden be willing to obey without problems. It is perfectly adapted to living with children and other animals .

Except in specific cases the golden usually a good and obedient dog.


This rated No. 4 of the most intelligent breeds as Stanley Coren. If you adopt a golden retriever as a pet and you spend time and perseverance have at your side a dog will know how many orders and tasks.

The golden is a dog that besides its wonderful character will bring us want to interact. This breed enjoy with various daily activities especially if they receive some reward. Swimming, pick up the newspaper or games with different dolls will exercise both your physical and your mind.

It is a good dog for activities such as Agility , helping people with physical disabilities , functions makes therapeutic or rescue and even sniffer drug .


Physical appearance

This is a strong dog and large in size. There are two types of golden retriever with some differences we find the British and the American-Canadian . As basic differences we can say that the British have the wider snout, deeper chest and slightly shorter tail. It is heavier than its American cousin showing angulation in the hindquarters of the dog and slanted eyes. The head is large and the body, which appears robust and athletic.

It has a medium-long fur generally smooth, golden and water repellent color. In Canada we find darker copies but all follow a line of light shades like gold or cream, never red or mahogany color.


The golden retriever dog character is a friendly, affable and energetic . It has a good temperament and mentally is an agile dog. Very loyal to their owners show them his intelligence, adaptability, docility … And it has a great will to please. All these qualities describe the best balance bikes and make it unique and special.

They are not one-person dogs tend to be kind to strangers and for that reason they are not used as watchdogs. Overall not shown aggressive, timid or hostile.


Like any dog breed should regularly visit your veterinarian to make revisions and relevant vaccination clinic. They suffer some genetic disorders and other diseases such as:

  • Hip dysplasia or elbow
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Cancer
  • Cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy

Most of these diseases develop in individuals older, still we must be aware of health of our golden retriever and be careful with food because they are extremely greedy and will do everything in its power to get premies them.


The golden can adapt to live in an apartment or a house without a problem. What is critical is that you get your necessary dose of exercise spread over three rides daily . It is a very active dog.

Hair golden retriever will need brushing a few times a week and offer greater care in times of shedding hair (spring and fall). The bathroom should be every 2 or 3 months, for that reason we recommend to search for long-term pipettes.

The diet should be balanced and consistent exercise the dog do, so you always have fresh and plentiful drinking water.